Celebrating the Success of Mature Models in Fashion


In a world that is youth obsessed, mature models are on the rise. Whether they are gracing magazine covers or fronting fashion ads, these models are breaking age-related stereotypes.

Mature modeling (also referred to as senior or silver model) is in high demand, with clients seeking women who embody elegance and sophistication. With the right modeling portfolio and industry connections, mature models can land jobs in fashion, catalogs, advertising, medical/health, editorial, and character work.

Demand for Mature Models

There is a growing demand for mature models in the fashion industry. This is due to the shift in the mindset of the public and the industry itself, which is starting to see ageing beauty as something that should be celebrated rather than feared. Many older women are now using social media to demonstrate how stylish they can be, gaining thousands of followers in the process. This is leading to a growing number of opportunities for them to be cast in various campaigns and even fashion editorials.

There are also a number of agencies that specialise in representing senior models. These include Silver Model Management, which was founded in 2012, and Icon Model Management, which is based in Singapore. Both of these agencies work with a variety of clients and are well-known in the modelling industry for their high standards.

If you are considering entering the world of modelling, it is important to prepare a modelling portfolio before applying to any agencies. A modeling portfolio is a collection of photographs that show your face, body and other features. It is a vital tool in securing modelling jobs, and should be updated regularly as you grow older.

It is also important to have a healthy diet and exercise routine. Both of these can help to maintain a healthy weight, as well as keeping your skin and hair looking fresh. Getting plenty of sleep each night is also crucial to keep your immune system strong and to allow your muscles to recover from workouts.

Modelling jobs can be found in a wide range of industries, including fashion, catalogue, advertising, medical/health, and even character. In terms of the fashion industry, there is a particular need for mature models in commercial and runway roles.

In the past, fashion brands and magazines preferred to use younger models in their campaigns, as they were seen as more “relatable” and “fresh-faced.” This outdated prejudice is changing, with both the industry and consumers becoming more accepting of older models. Some of the most famous examples of these older models are the likes of British model Daphne Selfe, who is 87 years old, and American model Lauren Hutton, who was 72 when she appeared on her first Vogue cover.

Influence of Mature Models

The popularity of mature models is not just a trend, but it’s also a shift in the industry. The focus is on realism and the idea that beauty doesn’t end at a certain age. This is in direct contrast to the glamorized, ultra-skinny models that were popular decades ago. It’s a recognition that women over the age of 30 have purchasing power. Women in this demographic have more money from their careers, investments, and inheritances. They are more likely to be able to afford luxury products. The rise of older female models is a result of this recognition by marketers.

Mature models have the ability to evoke emotions in their photos, which can be extremely useful for fashion brands. They can portray a sense of sophistication and wisdom that will appeal to clients. They can also show off a more natural, authentic look which is often favored by fashion editorials and campaigns. Additionally, they can work in a variety of industries including fashion, catalog, medical/health, and character modeling.

For many aspiring models, the decision to start a modeling career at an older age can be daunting. However, if you are passionate about this industry and want to pursue it professionally, there is nothing stopping you. The key to success as a mature model is to find the right agency to partner with. Make sure to research each agency and find out how much they charge per shoot. You can even talk to past models who worked with the agency to get a better feel for what to expect.

In addition to securing jobs through agencies, some models also work on their own and use social media to showcase their skills. This can be a great way to get noticed by photographers and build up a portfolio. However, it is important to note that being a mature model can be a demanding job and you should be prepared for long hours.

Overall, mature models are making a huge impact on the fashion industry. They are breaking the age-old stereotype that beauty fades with age, proving that you can be beautiful at any age. This change is inspiring, and it’s great to see the industry embracing more diversity.

Breaking Age-Related Stereotypes

In a time when many brands are pushing for diversity, they are also struggling with how to address ageism. Cohen worries that in the short-term, the industry will be flooded with older models — a trend that could lead to “visual ageism.” She describes this as an era when older women are fetishized or commoditized rather than simply represented in a non-stereotypical way.

Applewhite agrees that the fashion industry is often guilty of ageism. She notes that most brands only focus on beauty and style aspirations that revolve around youth, ignoring the fact that the majority of their consumer base is actually over forty. This is exacerbated by magazines that promote a youth-based culture and push unrealistic beauty standards.

It is also difficult for consumers to accept that aging is a natural part of life, especially when most products are marketed to erase wrinkles or increase youthfulness. Applewhite explains that this is perpetuated by the fashion industry’s sluggishness in embracing aging, and by the beauty industry’s reliance on a “beauty ideal” of youth.

A growing movement is slowly challenging these outdated stereotypes. It has been driven in part by the success of older models, but also by the millennial generation’s demand for more inclusivity and diversity in media.

As a result, some companies are taking steps to include older models in their advertising campaigns and fashion shows. For example, Calvin Klein recently cast a 73-year-old model in its latest underwear campaign. In addition, Tyra Banks is removing the age restriction for her popular reality show, America’s Next Top Model.

Moreover, many older women are breaking down stereotypes and proving that style is not bound by age. A prime example is Iris Apfel, a 98-year-old New York native who has worked in the fashion and design industries for decades. She has even written a book!

Apfel has teamed up with H&M to launch a line of lingerie for older women, aiming to shatter preconceived notions about aging and demonstrate that style can be found at any age. Furthermore, she has signed a contract with world-renowned modeling agency IMG to continue her work as a model.

Mature Models in Fashion

Although the fashion world is a predominantly young person’s industry, models over 30 are becoming increasingly sought-after. The rise of mature modeling is being driven by a new generation of beauty ambassadors, who are challenging the conventional standards that limit beauty to youth and thinness. This shift in mindset is inspiring more and more people to follow their dreams of launching a model career, regardless of their age. Models like Daphne Selfe, Maye Musk, Frances Dunscombe and Charles Schumann prove that it’s never too late to pursue your modeling dreams.

The emergence of an ageless beauty movement is also encouraging the fashion industry to embrace diversity and inclusion casting more than ever before. Historically, the fashion industry has been reluctant to include models of color, but now there is a growing demand for models of all shapes and sizes. The industry has even begun to accept models with different sex, race and religious backgrounds. As the demand for mature models continues to grow, brands are beginning to realize that they can market to an older audience by using these models in their campaigns.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a model, it’s important to find the right agency to work with. A good agency will be able to guide you through the process and help you create a strong portfolio. Models should have a variety of shots in their portfolio, including headshots, full body and three-quarter length. It’s also helpful to have a video where you can speak to the camera and demonstrate your natural walking stride.

Models should also make sure they have a strong social media presence to attract clients. Instagram is a great tool for models to use to showcase their work. They can post photos of themselves, share their accomplishments and promote new assignments. It’s also important for models to stay active and healthy to maintain a toned and slim appearance.

Those looking to launch a modeling career should consider signing with an agency that specializes in representing mature models. Agencies such as IMG Models and Silver Agency specialize in working with older models and offer a range of assignments that fit their look.