Trendy Tops for Women: How to Style Crop Tops, White Tops, and Floral Print Tops

A superb top may completely change your look and give you a fashionable, confident feeling. There are many options: crop tops, white shirts, and tops with floral prints. We’ll look more closely at how to dress these fashionable Tops for women from VERO MODA in this post so you may up your style ante.

White Tops 

White Tops are a summertime must-have and give a tidy, timeless style look. It needs to be paired with the right pants, jeans, and skirt to get a decent look. Here are some style suggestions for white tops:

  • Pick the proper style: There are many ways to wear white tops, white crop tops from T-shirts to blouses. Pick a look that complements your body type and is appropriate for the setting.
  • Pair with bold prints or bright colours: White shirts are the ideal blank canvas for bold designs or bright colours. Wear them with bold prints or bright colours. Get a bright and lively style, by pairing a white top with a colourful skirt or patterned trousers.
  • Accessorise: Statement jewellery, headwear, and bags look wonderful with white shirts. Including a striking belt or a vibrant scarf can enhance the look. 

Crop Tops

For many years, crop tops have been in fashion. Style the stylish and comfy crop top according to your choice in any function or party. Here are some style suggestions for crop tops:

  • Pair with high-waisted bottoms- High-waisted skirts, slacks or shorts look fantastic when worn with white crop tops. It equalises the quantity of exposed flesh and shapes the figure attractively.
  • Pick the proper fit – Crop shirts should fit comfortably without being overly tight. Select a size that accentuates your body shape and bears the ideal amount of flesh.
  • Accessorize- Crop shirts look fantastic when accessorised with striking jewellery, headwear, and sunglasses. A blazer or denim jacket can also improve the appearance.

Floral Print Tops

Tops with floral prints are popular in the summer and are great for adding a splash of colour to your ensemble. Here are some style suggestions for floral print tops:

  • Choose the proper print: Floral patterns come in different sizes and designs, from huge and dramatic to small and delicate. 

Pair floral print tops with neutral hues like black, white, or beige to avoid overpowering the rest of the ensemble. This enables the print to serve as the outfit’s main focal point.

  • Accessorise – Delicate jewellery, caps, and sunglasses look lovely with floral pattern outfits. Take a bag and wear a denim jacket to get an elegant look. 


Finally, Tops for women are a crucial and adaptable component of every outfit. There are several possibilities, including crop tops, white tops, and tops with floral prints. Don’t forget to pick an outfit that fits your personality and flatters your body type, and don’t be afraid to try out new designs and colours. You’ll stand out this season if you stick to this advice and feel confident and fashionable.